Reporting of Accidents, incidents, events, errors or safety concerns is an essential element of a robust Safety Management System.

In commitment to Kuwait Airways’ Non-punitive policy , all personnel are assured that they can disclose any safety related concern or information without fear of retribution. The information supplied in this form will only be used to enhance safety.

Should you wish to provide your name and position, it will be removed and your identity will be protected. It will NOT be revealed to any person/agency without the explicit permission of the reporter. When the details field is completed, kindly fill your recommendations field if you wish to (optional). This will help us address the issue and rectify your safety concern. Upon completing both fields, please press the submit button at the end of the form. A report will automatically be delivered to the Operational Safety Department.

As such, Kuwait Airways Chief Executive Officer /Accountable Manager and all Operational & Support Department Directors fully endorse our non-punitive policy, accident, incident, event or error reporting system within the Organization which is aimed towards developing and fostering a culture of trust & honesty to create a safe working environment.

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Director of Operational Safety Department
P.O. Box 394 Safat – Kuwait
Tel: +965-97299791 or 24330963
Fax: +965-24762089

Kuwait Airways higher Managements, myself and the staff of the Operational Safety Department will ensure that all possible resources are used to guarantee that the contents of your confidential report will remain confidential and will not be used to reprimand you or your colleagues. It is understood and accepted that willful violations of established policies, processes, procedures, regulatory requirements, regulations and/or gross negligence will not be tolerated. The Operational Safety Department will endeavor to investigate your confidential report and provide you with any details of the investigation and recommended corrections.
Thank you
Director of Operational Safety Department